Gon von Zola // UPCOMING Single 'Blue Is...'  EPK

Release date: 25th May 2018





Label: Before Sunrise Recordings / Universal

Publishers: Kassner Music / Kick the Flame

Genre: Indie Rock

Hometown: London

Influences: David Bowie, Nick Cave, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Mike Oldfield, PJ Harvey, Wings

Sounds like: The War On Drugs, The Kinks, Pharrel Williams, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Stranger Things)

Previous shows played: Glastonbury, Secret Garden Festival, O2 Acdemy Islington, Camden Assembly,

93 Feet East, Notting Hill Art Club

Booking/Press: 3-6-9 Media

Ben Willmott / ben_willmott@hotmail.com / 07985 396318

Sam Chamberlaine / samchamberlainepr@gmail.com / 07894 220777



Recorded at Gon von Zola's home studio in Highgate North London, co-written with his friend Sue Denim in North Wales, 'Blue Is..' is an upbeat, happy, danceable song with an unexpected dark undertone. Strongly influenced by the surrounding Welsh waters, the lyrics, in homage to Virginia Woolf, describe a woman who puts stones in her shoes and drowns herself to escape reality. While this might mean death for any normal person, this character is clearly enjoying herself at the bottom of sea. With its mentions of flooded caves, invisible friends and treasure chests, Gon von Zola evokes images of adventure, paying tribute to 80s classic 'The Goonies', as well as Guillermo del Torro's horror drama 'The Orphanage', two of his favourite movies.

Listen closely and let your imagination dive deep into Blue Is...




Gon von Zola - Out-of-the-box, right in your face!

Gon (formerly The Budda Cakes) writes catchy hooks, relevant lyrics, loves dirty guitars and '80s retro synths.

Bored of the music scene in his old hometown Leipzig near Berlin, third culture kid Gon von Zola moved to London and squatted his way up from windowless houses on the North Circular to a flat in Highgate. MTV gave him a camera and two producers to shoot a reality TV pilot about his life. It didn't get aired as the footage Gon handed them was just too crazy for their audiences. Gon soon started his one-man-band The Budda Cakes, won Sky's Unsigned Music Award, played headline shows and festivals such as Glastonbury and Secret Garden. His songs had BBC6 and Radio X airplay, and have received rave reviews. He has now recorded his first solo single 'Blue Is...'.


Gon's upcoming single 'Blue Is...' will be his first release under Gon von Zola's own name. In order to present the songs live Gon has recruited a band of friends. Piera on keys works in the charity shop next door, Drew on bass loves raves and parties. Andrew, who is a church drummer in Walthamstow, was the last member to join the band a few months ago. They all feature in the music video.





3-6-9 Media

Ben Willmott / ben_willmot@hotmail.com / 07985 396318

Sam Chamberlaine / samchamberlainepr@gmail.com / 07894 220777